Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Ice Cube

Sometimes the things that seem the most innocent turn out to be the back-stabbers. Today it was an ice cube.

It had been a pleasant, slow day and it appeared that it would end with a tranquil evening. Since this morning we had acquired a bottle of ginger soda and it was on my mind, I decided to cap off my fourteenth waking hour with a certain drink whose main ingredient is Ginger. I poured some into a glass and added the other vital ingredients: Sprite, one slice of orange squeezed into it, one slice floating ornamentally. I am so anticipating the first sip that I almost break my own rule and snatch a quick one before I catch myself, but I refrain. The ice cube is needed to complete the experience.

Ice cube tray in hand I return to the table. I twist it, as is customary to summon the cold blocks from their lairs. I grab one, but it slips away. I try again for the same one, and again it evades my grasp.

Maybe the right thing to do would have been to choose a more cooperative box of frost, but I had begun to feel personally slighted. I would have that cube, by golly!

So I twist the tray again, and again the piece in question emerges for just a moment. I make my move. No success. I try fitting my nails in around its sides but my offender fits perfectly and there is no room.

Now the icy viking ship that is the tray encounters rough waters as I shake it up and down. Some cubes play Jonah and jump over-board, hoping to appease the angry being that is tossing them around and by now there are at least 6 of them strewn across the floor around me, but the cube in question is unmoved.

This had stopped being about simply cooling my drink. Now it was a mission to overthrow the rebel; to force it into submission. If I didn't take care of this now, who would? It could end up staying there for years if I failed to do so!

As I made this speech to myself I could hear my idea of the Hero's Soundtrack (a mix between the National Anthem and The Eye of the Tiger accentuated by awe-inspired applause). I took a deep breath.

The rest is kind of a blur. I remember hearing some sort of war cry and not being sure if it was coming from me or my opponent. And I remember banging the tray on the table and I remember ice flying everywhere.
And I definitely remember lifting the overturned tray and seeing my enemy face-down in defeat; I am champion.

My drink was delicious.


  1. Oh Olivia. So dang clever. I love your descriptions. But once you had your victory over the ice cube, you should have cued (cued in your mind, that is)the music from "Chariots of Fire". You know, dun dun dun dun...(chug a chug a chug a chug a..) dun dun dun dun... Don't you love my rendition?

  2. Beautiful. I could hear it perfectly.